Meet the

    The story of Working Your Money is the story of
    a successful entrepreneur driven by the desire to
    strengthen families and communities through
    financial literacy education. Ken Carter is living
    proof that being open to life’s endless possibilities
    will take you far. Since 1983, Ken has been a
    licensed real estate professional. He operated the
    real estate appraisal firm Kenton Associates for
    12 years, before establishing the Kenton Realty
    Group, an appraisal firm and real estate
    brokerage. Between 1989 and 1993, Ken taught
    real estate pre-licensing courses to more than
    300 students at United Business School, Inc., in
    Basking Ridge, NJ. He also conducted housing
    seminars for community development
    organizations and was selected to participate on
    the New Jersey Real Estate Commission’s Cut
    Score Committee, which revised the state’s real
    estate education standards.

    Beginning in 1991, Ken served four years on the
    Zoning Board of Adjustment in the City of East
    Orange, NJ. In 1998, he served as Planning
    Commissioner in the Township of Franklin in
    Somerset County, NJ. Other public service
    activities include serving as Coach and Master of
    Ceremonies for the New Jersey Orators, a not-for-
    profit organization that has helped over 600 youth
    develop self-confidence and leadership skills
    through mastering the art of public speaking.

    Over the years, Ken came to realize that many of
    the clients, students and other people he came
    into contact with lacked basic money management
    skills. Like millions of us, they spend more than
    they earn each month and face mounting debts;
    regardless of income, many have very little if any
    money in savings or investments; and far too
    many are losing their homes to foreclosure.

    Armed with this knowledge and a commitment to
    serving others, Ken was inspired to take action. In
    2007, he became a certified Money Camp Coach
    with The Money Camp, and established Working
    Your Money, which is dedicated to teaching smart
    money management skills and entrepreneurship
    to children and adults. Ken is Fair Credit
    Reporting Act Certified. He is a Credit Counselor,
    Financial Literacy Coach, Loss Mitigation
    Specialist, Financial Fitness Instructor, and
    Certified Identity Theft Specialist. Ken is also a
    Peak Potentials Ambassador and is authorized to
    sell Magnificent Creation affirmation cards.

    Working Your Money is dedicated to helping kids
    and adults develop a healthy relationship with
    money so that they can enjoy all the benefits that
    come with financial freedom.

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For many people,
financial freedom is
a dream, not a
goal. I founded
Working Your
Money to help
people just like you
learn what it takes
to turn that dream
into reality.
Ken Carter