Many people dream of the day when they can
    live debt free, when they no longer have to rob
    Peter to pay Paul. Working Your Money is
    dedicated to the premise that financial freedom
    should be a goal, not a dream. Smart money
    management is at the heart of Working Your
    Money. Whether it’s Financial Literacy Camps for
    Kids and Adults, Personal Coaching, Real Estate
    Counseling, Peak Potentials Training, or
    Magnificent Creation© cards for kids, Working
    Your Money has the tools to empower young and
    old to achieve the goal of personal financial

    Working Your Money is dedicated to helping
    children and adults learn how to manage money
    and to achieve a high level of self-esteem and
    financial freedom. Using real estate as a path to
    wealth building, Working Your Money associates
    conduct Financial Literacy Camps and real
    estate seminars in schools, community centers
    and other facilities in association with community
    based organizations, school systems, fraternal
    organizations, neighborhood associations, faith
    groups and others who are committed to having
    more prosperous and stable families and
    communities. We also provide a link to financial
    management training and services that can help
    you fulfill your personal financial goals.

    Financial freedom is the birth right of each and
    every one of us. Achieving financial freedom
    requires a personal commitment to education, to
    deciding that you are now willing to claim what
    the universe has in store for you. Each of us has
    the power within to bring about wealth in our lives
    by changing how we think about money, where
    we place our intention and what action we decide
    to take.

    Working Your Money founder Ken Carter is Fair
    Credit Reporting Act Certified. He is a Credit
    Counselor, Financial Literacy Coach, Loss
    Mitigation Specialist, Financial Fitness Instructor,
    and Certified Identity Theft Specialist. Ken is also
    a Peak Potentials Ambassador and is authorized
    to sell Magnificent Creation affirmation cards.

Working Your Money
helps individuals better
understand their
relationship with money,
learn the practical and
spiritual principles of
building wealth, banish
the emotional and mental
barriers to financial
freedom, and experience
life without day-to-day,
money-related stresses.

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